About Us

Benefits of green TeaEbooks Link Mission

Our mission is to provide quality information to our clients at affordable pricing, and where ever possible provide upfront free information and bonus free information. Some information must be subscribed to, to gain access.

Our Goal

The goal of this company is to the best in the Ebooks Industry and to provide original Ebooks or Ebooks that have been generated from several sources only containing the facts – Factual information that the Web searcher is looking for.
We will, at times promote Ebooks from other sources after scrutinising their information and provide the information on this site or a link to the information.

Our Desire

·To provide information that treats all as equals, and to help those who are in need.
·To be visible to all that share and care about community culture.
·To be Non-political and Non-Religious in the Ebooks.
·To protect all our cultures.
·To respect each other.