Chinese Green Tea May be Fatal

CHAN: Green tea is well known world wide for its health benefits. Scientific research leads to the conclusion that it can help to fight virus’s, slow aging and even cure depression, but as our reporter discovers the latest batch of Green Tea imported from China into New Zealand could have the opposite effect. STORY: Its 9am, time for a cup of tea right? Sounds pretty harmless but what if this cup of tea was your last? The New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) is warning people not to consume in any way seeds that may be found in a Chinese green tea. This product is sold under various brand names such as Heng Ming and Canton Love Pea tea. It is widely availed through out Asian supermarkets and Eastern medicine outlets. [Geoff Allan, New Zealand Food Safety Authority]: “If you consumed the seeds themselves, the toxins within the seeds are very poisonous and a small amount of that could very well prove to be fatal.” The tea was pulled from the shelves when an inspector found that its contents did not match what was written in the ingredients. It contained toxic pods that had not been removed. The product is now being withdrawn from sale and recalled by the importer. But why is there such a huge amount of faulty and dangerous goods being produced in China? Let’s go to our New York studio now to hear from China Dr Sean Linn, NTD China Analyst. Sean, can you tell us a bit more about why this is happening? [Dr. Sean Lin, NTD China Analyst]: “The Green Tea product that has
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