3/3/08: The Benefits of Green Tea

To Your Health! with Dina Khader, MS, RD, CDN Westchester’s Premier Integrative Nutritionist 3/3/08 Dina Khader discusses the benefits of drinking Green Tea. She talks about the different kinds of green tea, how green tea bolsters good health, and how to properly brew a cup of green tea.


  1. uruberrr says:

    There’s one place I know that makes reallym good green tea and I’m gunna get some today! ^o^!

  2. shaggar70 says:

    @Jay3zz or stevia

  3. LetsCook2gether says:

    is green tea good for our body ph?

  4. darknecropsy says:

    teabag…. lol

  5. JPAD123321 says:

    would the caffeine in green tea not be bad for your skin over time, or is green tea good for your skin?

  6. iTouchin says:

    who drinks green tea cold?! it will just taste like cold PISS! As i always say hot piss is better 😀

  7. CanadaGraff2011 says:

    Shes reading of a script… noob

  8. 0spazzy0yazzy0 says:

    @sambyon you sound like cartmen from south park for some reason lol

  9. Powered Green tea is the best? Can you use in cold water like iced green tea?

  10. rocktrack says:

    I Love Green Tea!!!

    I make it right at home… after mowing the lawn, I take the grass clippings and boil them for about an hour… then add brown sugar… ummm umm gooood!!! The Best Green Tea I’ve ever tasted… right from home!!!

    All the Antioxidants right there in my front lawn for free!!!

    Alexander Darryl

  11. dragonheadofthewest says:

    @sambyon yeah but you have to rub it right after you brewed it with boiling water to have the best feel

  12. dragonheadofthewest says:

    @Jay3zz lol honey and sugar is basically the same…

  13. @Jay3zz also make sure its unpasturized or you might as well not use a sweetener at all

  14. @bleedblue83 and eating honey isnt eating the bees you know.. you would be ingesting their saliva though and digestive enzymes but yeah your not hurting the bees so you can eat the honey but its your preference not mine do what you will

  15. @sambyon i thought i was the only one who did that O_O XD

  16. valleyshadows says:

    The health benefits are only worth talking about if the green tea is organic and fresh! Do yourself a favor and find a good source that sells both fresh and organic loose leaf green tea!

  17. 007MarMite says:

    @sambyon LOOL


    i cut the teabag open and just eat that shit raw, seriously it make’s you feel great

  19. intermitrj says:

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  20. FBINO1JASON says:

    yer i put a tea spoon of organic honey in mine,lovley

  21. I rub the tea all over my balls… It feels heavenly X-D

  22. @Jay3zz thanks for this tip! I tried drinking green tea on it’s own, it wasn’t so nice, I don’t want to use sugar, but I do love honey! Perfect solution.

  23. Thanks for wrtinig such an easy-to-understand article on this topic.

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