Diet Tips : Lose Weight by Drinking Green Tea

Green tea contains certain nutrients that help to expedite the metabolism, as well as to help reduce hormonal cancers.Lose weight quickly and easily with these weight loss tips from an experienced dietitian in this free video on health and eating. Expert: Rachael Richardson Contact: Bio: Rachael Richardson is a registered dietitian and a Florida licensed nutritionist. Richardson has earned degrees from the University of North Florida and Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Filmmaker: Paul Muller


  1. @wtfbroskie acctually your wrong green tea does shred weight off, i know many people including myself that have lost weight from drinking green tea, it allows your body to use up everything you eat as energy and less likely to get stored as fat, also forces your body to use stored fat as energy…. my friend lost 10 stone just drinking green and eating small protien meals. I have also experienced this…. if you use the green tea extract you dont have to drink the 15 cups a day 4 desired effect

  2. uruberrr says:

    I ran a mile in 6:50 about a week ago, then I started drinking green tea on almost a daily basis today I ran it in 6:15

    Correlation? Or coincidence? I’m a soon-to-be Real Estate Guy too I just run for fun true story =)

  3. pepperrgirl says:

    @shazam404 lol lol you are genius…funny too

  4. shazam404 says:

    tip to reduce weight: first turn your head to the left
    then turn to the right. repeat this excercise everytime
    you are offered somthing to eat. -W.F

  5. humpyhustler says:

    @rockiebule1112 you mean meth?

  6. rockiebule1112 says:

    try green tea with ice it works better.

  7. 103chikilla1 says:

    so do u realy loose wait /?

  8. 12Judah12 says:

    @Vernonu9 hahahah
    Man that woke me up lol!

  9. 12Judah12 says:

    @Vernonu9 hahahahahahahahahhahahahaha Man that woke me up lol!

  10. ohmynutella says:

    co za asy…

  11. shahbaztherock says:

    I guess it should be to help “REDUCE hormonal cancer* at 0:20 in subtitles whereas it says to *PRODUCE hormonal cancer* no one would want that.. 😀

  12. 36hcupsizeandgrowing says:

    ive known this for almost 20 years

  13. LifeIsABigPuzzle says:

    I live in Canada and it is cold now so hot green tea is good! 😀

  14. Mitosynergy says:

    Have you tried Green Tea Hawaii?

  15. SideDark123 says:

    can we add sugar to it??

  16. taichigreentea says:

    try tai chi green tea!

  17. racismhater says:

    @MacarioVistro started drinking lipton green tea recently, tastes great.

  18. ancient chinese secret for weight loss

  19. lightbrownpoop says:

    @helenita05 some companies sell loose-leaf teabags, they’re usually really expensive though (like Mighty Leaf) your best bet is to just buy in bulk and steep it yourself in an infuser. i can’t go back to cheap teabags ever since i tried fresh, organic loose leaf! white malibu (organic) from davids tea is amazing! white tea is apparently healthier for you then green tea, it has less caffeine and more anti-oxidants. davids tea has great loose leaf teas for a reasonable price. davidstea . com

  20. helenita05 says:

    Is it better to have loose leaf green tea, or tea bags???? And if so, where can I find loose leaves in the stores? Thank u

  21. lightbrownpoop says:

    @wtfbroskie i add organic lemon juice to my green tea because i can’t stomach the taste alone…i actually heard that lemon juice added to it enhances the health benefits?

  22. lightbrownpoop says:

    @TheAndrea4313 get the organic stuff from Choice Organic Teas or some organic loose leaf teas, they’re more expensive but they are supposed to be a heck of alot healtheir for you.

  23. TheAndrea4313 says:

    Would Lipton green tea work?

  24. You keep it up now, undesrtnad? Really good to know.

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