FlyamSam – Green Tea Power

Audio: FlyamSam – Greent Tea Power Video: Silly Symphonies – The Grasshopper And The Ants


  1. tonn0203 says:

    I remember i use to watch this when i was little kids 😛 and try to work with that ant 😛

  2. DCgreenery says:

    The beat is amazing.
    The cartoon is fucked up tho because that one Ant creature never got the cart full of cherries out of the mud:( and the Grasshopper at the end froze to death! hahah

  3. cosmoman360 says:

    @MrWafflemanZ haha they do

  4. Zachariahszz says:

    @asianiinvasion I hate faggots like you who have to mention that bitch’s name on a perfectly good video.

  5. Darwinist says:


    That’s not surprising – Flying Lotus, one half of FlyamSam did a lot of the Adult Swim beats.

  6. 10lettername says:


    that is a very good thing

  7. BlackmanHatessnow says:

    Drinkin my arizonia while this video is playing

  8. FunkifiedMakk says:

    @silentkhmerkid Yeah, he sent in Massage Situation and they put it in a Boondocks bump. They use a lot of unreleased Dilla beats as well.

  9. IrocChevy350 says:

    These Pretty Much Sound Like NES Style Beats Chopped Up With Hip-Hop, Genious! LoL

  10. FesHizO says:

    Fucking nice

  11. silentkhmerkid says:

    @MrWafflemanZ Flying Lotus does produce music for Adult Swim.

  12. pimpcane109 says:

    was that grasshopper playing the fucking violin ?
    the power of green is amazing

  13. the689anomoly says:

    LISTEN TO ZE MIX ON MY PROFILE. The Sword of Sound ( AKA Sonic Sword) is a tyme travelling declaration of Sonic War fare against the formless evil, also known as simon cowell, whose anaesthetic sound has hypnotized many. (see X factor). Allies s in this battle is Dibiase, Flying Lotus, Samiyam and Ras G, FULL CRATE Exile, Silkie, Wiley, James Blake, My Self, Joob, Mono/Poly and an un remember-able amount of others who, through sound, to destabilize the powers that claim to be.

  14. FloydIV says:

    awesome I had green tea listening to this 8)

  15. phonzlocka says:

    @MrWafflemanZ they do!

  16. mographzach says:

    the juxtaposition of this song and the old cartoon footage work so well together

  17. xholidayof420x says:

    i could get down to this song<3

  18. You put the lime in the coconut and drink the aritlce up.

  19. Why do I bother calling up poelpe when I can just read this!

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