Green Tea : What Is Green Tea?

Green Tea is not fermented or oxidized. Learn more about green tea with tips from a tea lounge owner in this free tea brewing video. Expert: Kim Pham Contact: Bio: Kim Pham has co-owned the Kaleisia Tea Lounge in Tampa, Fla. since 2004. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


  1. TheMorningCoffee says:


  2. aaaaaaaa3aaaaaa says:

    My green tea smells like tabaco =/

  3. sponserdsk8ter says:

    FLYamSam is green tea!!!!

  4. dmjark1105 says:

    is green tea good for curing acne scars?

  5. VIKINGODIN says:

    @pinkpie3 not eating fuck all trying to lose weight and drinking any liquid including tea?

  6. Wow, this is an excellent video that offers simple and correct information!!! Thank you so much!!!

  7. gariadara says:

    @pinkpie3 you aren’t overdrinking it are you? Sometimes people just have allergic or adverse reactions to things. You may not tolerate certain amino acids or vitamins in green tea, which is a non-fermented tea and the tea leaves are more or less “raw.” Black tea or oolong tea are more “cooked.”

  8. MrLincolnWolfe says:

    I dated a Chink chick and she loved her Green Tea.So did I… especially when I discovered date rape drugs dissolve with little effect on the taste.I’d drop some in her tea and after she passed out the party would begin! Once I had a baseball and two cucumbers up there before she woke up.I had to go into this long story about still being pissed about Pearl Harbour and she bought it… whew lol I mean really Hiroshima and Nagasaki wasn’t nearly enough payback and to their credit they know it lol

  9. BuckyBrownEye says:

    Green tea is good for erections. I usually cram a few leaves in my foreskin before I head down to the bushes surrounding the playground with a bag of candy and a copy of butt-sluts4 in my portable dvd player. Why does corn taste so much better the second time around? Is it the toxins?

  10. RandomSpewBros says:

    @TheSexyLondoness I shoved tea leaves up my pole purse and it made my shit smell nice. Nips have the nicest smelling feces in the world. Too bad they’re the niggers of the East.

  11. TheSexyLondoness says:

    @pinkpie3 That is normal when drinking it for the first times, if your body is filled with toxins. Don’t worry as that is a sign that green tea is doing well to your body. 🙂 At least that is what they say in DetoxDietABC.

  12. TheSexyLondoness says:

    @tipoomaster Where did you buy it? I usually buy mine from DetoxDietABC as they usually have the best prices and have at least exposed two brands that weren’t selling what they said that was.

    That’s the right place to have a not so costly habit 😉 And no, never go back as green tea, besides tasting good, is good for your health. 🙂

  13. frogofdeath777 says:

    actually green tea is the one with the highest caffeine >.>

  14. pinkpie3 says:

    what could be a reason when
    this drink cause diarrhea?

  15. flarbton says:

    it’s odd getting better brew from tap water, over filtered water lately. If i use filtered water it greatly dulls down the sweet after taste of Lung Ching etc, i just ordered some Ceylonese and Indian teas as well… they have a more mint flavor to them that is a nice contrast to Chinese green teas.

  16. paigewiththatmakeup4 says:

    you can this with and lemon favlor

  17. smiletogreet says:

    the best green tea from China that is English smuggled Opn to China before !

  18. taichigreentea says:


    Great! It seems you really know how to enjoy greent ea!
    Try this edible greent tea — taichigreentea!

  19. taichigreentea says:

    no good green tea is allowed to be flavored. All the flavored green tea is low quality green tea – they use the other stuff to cover the bad taste of the low-quality green tea.
    Try taichigreentea!

  20. taichigreentea says:

    2 possible reasons:
    1. The green tea you have is already spoild a long time ago. Most green tea in US is spoiled. So throw it away.
    2. For the real green tea, you can not use too hot water to make it. Lukewarm water is fine.
    Try taichigreentea — then you know what is real green tea!

  21. taichigreentea says:

    Never use cheap green tea to ruin your health. Buy the best you can offer, otherwise, do not drink green tea.
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  22. taichigreentea says:

    The possible reason is that the green tea you are drinking is spoiled — all other chemical counpounds are gone but caffaine is still there. Also, Green tea increases blood flow.
    Drink as much as you can — one bag a time is enough. Try taichigreentea!

  23. taichigreentea says:


    not true. It is for removing caffaine.
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  24. I’m so glad that the intenert allows free info like this!

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