green tea

I’ve been drinking green tea


  1. kylevetrano says:

    “this is tottaly my hat”…..LMFAOOOO!!!!

  2. SolidNate84 says:

    Lmao!!!! Funny great scene!!

  3. raiderdudesgc7 says:

    Hot Rod Rocks!!!!
    Rico is da man

  4. hurryupthecakes13 says:

    This is one of my favorite movies of the past decade. Can’t help but quote it.

  5. DefineEmily says:

    I say this all the time omg.

  6. mrpantsman8888 says:


  7. Bob78885 says:

    TRASH hahahahhahahaha

  8. Kill3rification says:

    hi REDDIT

  9. gremilyroman says:

    absolute genius i pissed when i saw this.

  10. AFLmegafan says:

    This is totally my hat…rofl

  11. AhnPeppelu says:


  12. Alucard746x says:

    Green Tea is the best ^o^/
    I was thinking about this scene for the majority of the day XD
    Thanks for the upload 😀
    and yes I have indeed been drinking Green Tea all Goddamn day!!!

  13. MrPaladinlaw says:

    @Hrallow hot rod

  14. SolaceMarine says:

    The best part is that they damaged his property and then beat his ass when he got pissed

  15. DanielSel says:

    “what did you expect?? Ive been drinkin green tea all day bitch!” would also be a good qoute 😀

  16. moodysoup says:

    One person doesn’t like green tea…

  17. I think you hit a blulseye there fellas!

  18. Tip top stuff. I’ll epcxet more now.

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