Japanese Green Tea

samovartea.com Japanese green tea offers a huge spectrum of diverse brews, ranging from very light and grassy to deep and roasted. Join Christine Savage as she delves into the subtle and not so subtle differences of Japanese Green Tea. – The difference between how Japanese Green tea is processed – How is green tea made? – Some teas Matcha, Houjicha, Sencha, Fukamushi, Lobocha, Ryokucha For teas mentioned in this episode, search shop.samovartea.com – Japanese Green Tea, Ryokucha, Kukicha, Houjicha , Hika Sencha, Lobocha , Matcha


  1. lightbrownpoop says:

    @CrazyNative4 what kind of green tea do you drink?

  2. CrazyNative4 says:

    i love green tea! like i’m married 2 it !

  3. imperial3232 says:

    The best matcha ever is purematcha . com but you can get it cheaper on ebay, just search pure matcha….

  4. imperial3232 says:

    The best matcha ever is purematcha . com but you can get it cheaper on ebay, just search pure matcha….

  5. Megasromanos says:

    Hey this guy looks like a raptor from jurassic park

  6. madisonelectronic says:

    He probably has anal warts.

  7. jesse4171 says:

    Check out Samovar’s newest tea channel: samovarlife on youtube!

  8. hangawara says:

    try my green tea ochazuke

  9. sedargo77 says:

    dam…that guy interviewing was off in his own world

  10. PoeticShadow says:

    lol “sam-ah-var” what a shame ruined a great word. “sahm ah vahr” is the proper pronunciation.

  11. marcusebrawner says:

    I think it’s time I start drinkin,myself 🙂 lol

  12. bboymango says:

    this bald guy cant wait for her to finish talking ahah

  13. bboymango says:

    well said

  14. CreepyTrojan says:

    tell you the truth , when i look at them on the plate i kinda want to roll them up and smoke it.

  15. pickupwomen says:

    She is not Japanese…

  16. arizonapg says:

    i can attest to the fact that her information is pretty much spot on, but her pronunciation is atrocious.

  17. shane6003PQ says:

    sorry I’m commenting on a comment you wrote forever ago… just wanted to say the guy she’s talking to is the owner of Samovar tea lounge, and is only asking for the audience. He knows far more then any of his employees about these teas, and even drinks teas that cost hundreds of dollars per ounce because he has a deep obsession and admiration for tea. It’s pretty much his life. Not to mention he is gay, which has nothing to do with tea, but maybe he’s only partly listening to her speak?

  18. LivingDog94 says:

    What did she say in between the Oji-cah and the Fukumushi Sencha? – “Logo-cha”???

    Is there a book I can read, b/c I am finding out about Japanese green teas and am utterly fascinated with the flavor variety and look.

    (BTW, Chinese green tea is extremely bitter and brewed utterly differently – not worse or better just $8 teaches you not to buy everything called “green tea”. 🙂

  19. BuGK1ll3r says:

    the guy gives a f*** to much mucochi and tocomuco just say green tea

  20. bigsuuze says:

    We need a soley tea lounge in SO. CAL

  21. antony6969 says:

    ok so the tea always come out a very light colour?
    normaly with greentea back its come out a nice strong dark colour.

  22. And I was just wonrdeing about that too!

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