Japanese/Thai tea commerical with caterpillars

Funny Japanese/Thai commercial.


  1. AnimeFirefly1 says:

    This is so CUTE!!!!! <3

  2. TheRaymondFactor says:

    lmao! this is epic!

  3. shyguy54321 says:

    i thot this was a well put together comeshel compared to other one but… THEN A BABY CATERPILLAR STARTED USING HYPNOSES!

  4. dogpile01 says:

    ok im not joking, at first i was like -_-, and the i :D, to 0_0, :D, 0_0. so many mixed feelings from this commercial

  5. CanisofSprook says:

    Until the baby caterpillar started using PSI! What is this, EarthBound? (Oh, this is Japanese. I meant Mother 2)

  6. CanisofSprook says:

    That was actually pretty sad…

  7. WolfSongProduction says:

    Wild Caterpie used Fake Tears!
    Its Super Effective!
    Wild Caterpie used Hypnosis!
    It Failed!

  8. guyofred says:

    @Skullshadow99 not in japan…

  9. Skullshadow99 says:

    I thought adult caterpillars were butterflies

  10. Bamb0009 says:

    so kuteeeee

  11. TheGameplayguy100 says:

    LOL the kid is humping the dads back

  12. 617Prototype says:


  13. katyjames2000 says:


  14. NadiaEveStudio says:

    lololol XD
    “boku da hoshi dayo!!” XDDDDDD lol

  15. room6767 says:

    Fucken retarded!!

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