Mountain Top Green Tea Farm

While hiking in the mountains recently I met an 80 year old man who invited me to visit his mountain top green tea farm. The man bought and cleared the land at the top of this mountain over 60 years ago and has been climbing the mountain ever since to tend and care for his fields. He is one of the last tea farmers in the area to harvest all of his tea by hand and he uses no machines to assist in bringing the tea down the mountain. The large basket he carries on this back will be filled with the day’s harvest before he returns home in the evening. This man was very proud of his tea fields and his family’s long history of farming the mountains of the Japan Southern Alps.


  1. its a lovely tea farm…one question: does he spray pesticide on the tea trees?

  2. LuonnonTyttarista says:

    so beautiful!!! you are definitely lucky meeting this wise man!! Look at his shape, simply amazing! I wish one day to move in some peaceful place and live in simple way.. far away from modern urban world, full of shouting and addicted sick, egocentric people.. simplicity is the key. and wisdom is the life’s purest value.
    ps- your Japanese is great:)

  3. ChronicFatigueSyn says:

    Check out my Green Tea Vids

  4. barnieri619 says:

    Very cool video. Thanks for sharing!

  5. jtuneddc5 says:

    I understand that any tea’s quality in terms of medicinal medicine are strongly based on location, bud type and altitude. Does anyone recommed where I can buy high quality mountain exported green tea? thank-you

  6. jtuneddc5 says:

    I just bought some expensive mountian green tea from china when I was there a week ago. I live in california and maybe Im used to cheap organic green tea bags but my tea from china comes out very light and without much flavor, is this ok? I just assumed the darker and richer flavor the better quality it is, please someone school me and green tea.

  7. Gyokuro79 says:

    Gee… i would like to stay there

  8. waterbottlecap100 says:

    so cool. what a great project he has going on there. i wish i had my very own tea field haha

  9. Small Man BIIIIIG BAG

  10. wow…80 years and still going strong, thats what dedication is all about…thats amazing…This is one of the reasons i wanna go to Japan or live in Japan, everything is so cultural and artistically driven…

  11. Killermuffin1 says:

    @softypapa Where in Japan is this and how do I get there?

  12. Killermuffin1 says:

    @BroskiNick Probably from all the tea he drinks.

  13. Gleen tea is made from baby tea reef.

  14. Just cause it’s sipmle doesn’t mean it’s not super helpful.

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