Ready Green Tea Eye Treatment

Store: Note: I sometimes stare at the mirror behind my camera when I am not staring in the cam haha. I know that tea bags underneath the eyes aren’t anything new, but I am tired of making bags of tea every time I need to soothe my eyes. Plus waiting for the water to cool and waiting for it to get cold in the fridge just takes too long. I call these my ready green tea treatment! You’ll make a batch each Sunday and use them all week. No mess, no fuss, no problem and NO BAGS! Stuff: Dynasty 100% Green Tea: HEB Cotton Pads: Walgreens Plate: Wal-mar during V-day Season Wrapping: Wal-Mart Music: Dreaming Of You By Gravey New Grounds: Store: Twitter: BlogSpot: Facebook: The Sewing Studio: Disclaimer: I bought everything on my own, and I am not affiliated with anything. I was not paid for to make this video


  1. KimmyEvey says:

    Will Jasmine tea work? 🙁

  2. angle697 says:

    @jean22s im pretty sure its Night

  3. MegaMichiee says:

    @shannycheung99 i love pandas hehe

  4. punkkimiko says:

    ur eyes look pretty here

  5. bvblove28 says:

    i have them pads on right now, but how long to i leave it one?

  6. MiicahEveGalano says:

    but the thing is if u make alot of cotton pads, with green tea, and u keep it in the fridge for more than 3 days it dries up!

  7. pikaxchuuby says:

    How long do you keep it on your eyes?

  8. jean22s says:

    do you use it at night or in the day?

  9. Belcyeful says:

    how many times a day?

  10. xxAmenaxx says:

    hahahah ‘i’ve been noticing these death circles’ haha awww <3 xxxxx

  11. minniefluff9595 says:

    ok, how do you know all this stuff?!?!?!!?

  12. NiKKiBSEXCii says:

    @paulzrulz ikr i’m totally gonna do that right now ! i’ll tell you how it went 🙂

  13. NiKKiBSEXCii says:

    Um. I don’t have green tea but I have grapes.
    I wonder If i can just use the blender and throw in some grapes
    and make a eye treatment and put them under my eyes.
    I’m a GENIUS :)!

  14. DizzyDazzle98 says:

    will cotton balls work?

  15. N3koda says:

    I’d like to stick something else to your face.

  16. ChImEsBiBi says:

    @Glamworld1 idk cause alot of people say it works but idk gonna try it thou

  17. woodchucker23 says:

    @McAsianFries It’ll work. It’s just finely powdered green tea leaves, but matcha is a more expensive form of green tea though. I would just run out and get a cheap box of green tea, and leave the matcha for drinking.

  18. McAsianFries says:

    Does anyone know if matcha works?? (the thicker Japanese green tea…. It’s sorta different I guess….)

  19. Great post with lots of imoprantt stuff.

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